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Vacuum Conveyors

ALTOMECH is counted as one amidst the prominent vacuum conveyors manufacturers in India. Our vacuum conveyors transport the most diverse materials such as powder, dust, pigments, flakes, granulated material, tablets, capsules, small parts etc. in a suction air stream under vacuum through hoses or pipes. From fine dust with only 0.5 grain size up to plastic caps for medical infusions. From the lightest filling agents with only 0.05 kg/m3 up to metal powders with bulk density 10 and above. 


  • Unique modular design with High Performance

  • Units easily dismantled and cleaned

  • Highly effective High Pressure Vacuum Blower

  • Individual custom built adaptation to fit the specific application

  • No heat emission

  • Offers certified solutions for applications with very high sanitary requirements, for food industries


  • Vacuum conveyors will ensure a dust free material transfer which is gentle on the material

  • Vacuum Conveyors are lightweight and compact

  • Quiet and reliable operation

  • Almost no wear in the entire process

  • Easy installation over existing reactor/blender/silo

  • Economic solution for food application.


  • Food Industries

  • Plastic Industries

  • Ash handling

  • Paints and pigments

  • Glass

  • Packaging and plastic caps

  • Detergent/soaps

  • Casting


  • Industrial Vacuum Conveyor
    ALTOMECH vacuum conveyors are widely used for various industrial applications to transfer the material for one place to another place with less manual intervention. The various industrial application such as food industries, pharmaceutical industries etc.       Features: Convey
  • Vacuum Conveyor for Powder
    ALTOMECH vacuum Conveyor for powder is the process of moving bulk dry materials, such as powders, from place to place within a factory using suction. The material is transferred in a network of pipe from the pickup point or source to the process destination. The vacuum conveyor designed
  • Foundry Sand Spillage Cleaning Machine
    ALTOMECH Foundry sand spillage cleaning machine transfer spillage foundry sand in a pressure air stream under vacuum through hoses or pipes. The totally enclosed system also collect the underground spilled sand and deliver it to the collection tank or belt conveyor. Our portable systems are easy to
  • Portable Vacuum Conveyor
    ALTOMECH portable vacuum conveyor are furnished with lift frames to accommodate varying discharge heights. Units are easily rolled to and positioned at the desired discharge point. Material can be drawn from a container, a feed bin or a pickup adapter under a bin or process vessel. Vacuum receiver
  • Vacuum Grain Conveyor
    Through the vacuum grain conveyor, grains can be transported from a variety of sources like bags, jumbo bags, drums and other containers. Our portable grain suction machine ensures minimum product degradation and wastage and minimizes labor for manual handling of grains or solids. The vacuum

Vacuum Conveying System

ALTOMECH Vacuum conveyor system provides an efficient method of moving fine powders, granulated material and other small particles in an effective and reliable manner without product damage. We offer several varieties of vacuum conveyor systems ranging from small portable units for minor ingredient for loading and unloading or material transfer to large units. It is also capable of moving up to tons of material and suitable for transporting in bulk area. The system is totally enclosed, and if it is required, the system can operate entirely without moving parts coming into contact with the conveyed material.  


  • Individual custom built adaptations to fit the specific application

  • Vacuum conveyor system available for safe use with hazardous materials and environments

  • Superior filter technology for vacuum conveying with different designs available

  • Offers certified solutions for applications with very high sanitary requirements, including pharmaceutical industries

  • The standard filter is highly effective but if additional filtration is required, a HEPA filter can be added.



  • Vacuum conveyor system are simple to install and control

  • There is little need for maintenance

  • Sound level 80 db

  • Operate with low pressure

  • Clean and reliable method of material transfer


  • Foundry

  • Steel

  • Cement Industries

  • Animal Feed Industries 

  • Fertilizer Industry

  • Aluminium

  • Drug/pharmaceutical


Pneumatic Conveyor

  • Powder Conveying System
    ALTOMECH Powder conveying systems represents an ideal solution for meeting the easy conveying of powder by generating and maintaining vacuum in the system. The 100% material can be easily conveyed from one process to another in time with minimum engagement of human resources.   Features: The
  • Powder Transfer System
    ALTOMECH powder transfer systems are an excellent method of automating certain aspects of processing to eliminate manual handling and increase efficiency. Our powder transfer system represents an ideal solution for meeting the easy transfer of powder by generating and maintaining vacuum in the
  • Pneumatic Grain Conveyor
    Through pneumatic conveyor system, grains can be transported from a variety of sources like bags, jumbo bags, drums and other containers. It can be used in difficult to reach corners to perform transfer, cleaning or loading operations. The pneumatic conveyor moves grain on a cushion of air which
  • Pneumatic Conveyor for Cattle and Poultry Feed
    ALTOMECH pneumatic conveyor system is a premix transfer system for dust free material transfer and avoid to human touch during operation. The system is use full for inline milling, sifting, blending, loading and unloading. Pneumatic conveying is an efficient solution that transfers powders,

Pneumatic Conveying System

Jumbo Bag Loading & Unloading System

  • Jumbo Bag Filling System
    Jumbo Bag Filling Machine is used for dust free and efficient filling of big bags and FIBC’s, Suitable for all kinds of bulk solids with various dosing feeders according to the characteristics of the product. This jumbo bag packing machines applies to wood pellets, palm EFB pellets, sugarcane
  • Jumbo Bag Unloading System
    ALTOMECH Jumbo Bag Unloading System offers easy, clean, fast, secure and economical way designed to discharge the entire contents of bulk and semi-bulk bags, especially when the material is less than free-flowing. Our jumbo bag unloading systems are specifically designed for discharging a large

Vacuum Cleaner

ALTOMECH vacuum cleaners for the general cleaning in all kind of industry, especially when large quantity of dust have to be collected. Suitable for movement in reduced spaces. HEPA-filter is available as option when fine dust has to be removed.  The ON/OFF switch is placed on the side of the machine for easy access.

Features & Advantages:

  • Powerful and reliable double side channel blower - needing no maintenance

  • Fitted with a powerful turbine producing excellent suction

  • Complete steel construction

  • Compact and mobile

  • Easy filter replacement


  • ceramics, 

  • chemical

  • textile, etc


  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
    ALTOMECH industrial vacuum cleaners are perfect for general cleaning or for collecting dust. A handle all around the machine allows pulling or pushing it from a working place to another one. The manual filter shaker guarantees a perfect efficiency of the filtration. This cleaner is designed using
  • Vacuum Cleaner for Industrial Use
    ALTOMECH vacuum cleaner run for 24 X7 without requiring maintenance by reliable side-channel blower. An accessory box, a cable and hose/tube holder makes very ergonomic and simplifies the daily work of the operator.   Features & Advantages: Wet and dry function Large diameter wheels
  • Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner
    We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality professional Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner. Due to higher efficiency they are used in wide areas. Our Heavy duty vacuum cleaner has higher suction capacity of 520 mbar. This cleaner is suitable for eliminating large amount of dust particles;
  • Central Vacuum Cleaner
    We are counted as the trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of Centralized Vacuum Cleaners that are applicable in any manufacturing industry. A Centralized Vacuum Cleaning system uses air as a medium and through a network of pipes removes dust from different locations across a specific area. If
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Machine
    ALTOMECH industrial vacuum cleaning machine has the power of a high headed side channel blower, built-in automatic cleaning system and extremely high suction pressure along with veritable tools for handling or removing large amounts of material. Our models can increase the efficiency and
  • Central Vacuum Cleaner System
    ALTOMECH centralized vacuum system allows the suction of dust and solids through a series of pipes that can be mounted anywhere in the workshop.  Centralized vac systems allow to aspire materials even from multiple suction points simultaneously, depending on the power and features of the

Modular Dust Collector

  • Downdraft Table
    Downdraft tables are workstations that use built-in vacuum systems to pull down dust particles, fumes, smoke or other particulates from the breathing zone of operators and return clean air to your shop floor. Downdraft tables are ideal for those dust that are heavy and tend to fall onto the surface
  • Dust Control Booth
    ALTOMECH Dust Control Booths provide a self-contained environment that removes airborne contaminants from worker breathing zones and prevents pollutants from interfering with other in-plant operations.  Cartridge dust collection booths deliver superior performance.   Features &
  • Down Draft Dust Collector
    Dust and fume generating work areas within a facility can often be controlled with self-contained and moveable downdraft tables and downdraft benches. The Downdraft dust collector features powerful inward airflow effectively capturing dust and fume. Even air distribution provides effective dust
  • Down Flow Dust Collector
    ALTOMECH down flow dust collector is a series of cartridge dust collectors effectively remove harmful dusts and smoke from industrial processes. Situated inside a factory or outdoors, these downward flow dust collectors are expandable in the field at any time due to their modular design. our down

Dust Collectors

ALTOMECH dust collector works by sucking air in from a given application and processing it through a filtering system so that particulate can be deposited into a collection area. Then the cleaned air is either returned to the facility or exhausted to the environment.

Features & Advantages:


With a dust collector, dirt, dust, debris, chemicals or gasses are removed from the air improving the health and safety of workers.


When dirt, dust and debris collect on equipment, it can make its way inside, interfering with the mechanics of the equipment. This can lead to slower machines and broken equipment. Dust collectors remove this risk, allowing your machinery to work at optimal performance.


With dust in the air, it can collect on products throughout the manufacturing process. This can impact the quality of the finished product. Dust collectors reduce the dust, smoke and fumes in the air, keeping them away from finished products and thus improving their quality and increasing customer satisfaction.


  • Portable Dust Collector
    Owing to our rich industrial experience, we are offering Portable Dust Collector. Portable dust collectors are designed to capture finest dusts and fumes were ever you need it and whenever you need it. Industrial grade castor wheel affixed at bottom for maximum portability and continuous usage for
  • Cyclone Dust Collector
    Cyclone dust collectors are a type of inertial separator that separates dust from a gas stream through centrifugal force. Air is purified by creating a cyclonic action within the cyclone. An intense vortex pushes the dust particles against the cyclone’s wall, which slide down to the base of
  • Industrial Dust Collector
    ALTOMECH industrial dust collector is a type of air pollution control equipment used in factories, plants, warehouses and other industrial settings to meet environmental and workplace safety requirements. Industrial dust collector control, reduce, and remove harmful particulate matter and fumes
  • Cartridge Dust Collector
    ALTOMECH cartridge dust collectors are a type of dust collector for which smaller space requirements are necessary for the same airflow of a larger baghouse system.  This features also reduce the time to change the filters and associated labour costs. Cartridge dust collector usually used to

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