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Industrial Vacuum Cleaner (AMSC Series)

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner (AMSC Series) is designed for such industries where sturdy and reliable high performing vacuum cleaner is required. It may be on board offshore platforms, or on board oil tankers, chemical industries dealing with explosive or hazardous materials, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Equipped with advanced induction motors and Industrial Vacuum Cleaner (AMSC Series) is efficient for coarse particles, granules as well as liquids and sludge. Industrial Vacuum Cleaner (AMSC Series) is a wet/dry cleaner, provided with a bottom drain valve for quick and simple discharge of liquids.

  • Can be used for cleaning the floor, machine shop and warehouse
  • Multi utility vacuum cleaner and having the adoptability for customization
  • Pressure die-casting blower with balanced impeller, low running temperature
  • Suitable for cleaning the process machines, floors and critical machine parts
  • Minimum maintenance, continuous running, low noise level (65 db)
  • Compact in size, easy mobility and robust construction to suit industrial applications
  • Collection tank capacity as per the customer requirement
  • Liquid recovery âwet and dry separation

Application Areas
  • Machine shops
  • Textiles
  • Foundries
  • Spindling mills, etc.


Model Power KW/HP Suction Capacity Air Flow Collection Capacity Suction Port Size Duty Noise Level Machine Dimension L*B*H
AMSC-3 2.2/3.0 260 320 80 50 S1 65 1100*500*1200
AMSC-5 3.5/5.0 300 380 100 63 S1 68 1150*500*1300
AMSC-75 5.5/7.5 320 520 120 75 S1 72 1400*650*1400
AMSC-100 7.5/10.0 340 600 150 75 S1 74 1400*650*1500

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