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Dust Collectors

Our Dust Collectors are efficient pollution control equipment. We offer a huge range Industrial Dust Collectors including Cyclone Dust Collector, Grinding Dust Collector, Portable Dust Collector and Wood Dust Collector. In these Heavy Duty Dust Collectors, filtration is carried out through woven or non-woven filter media in form of bags. Due to high-pressure, air is passed in the reverse direction or by providing vibration to the bags through the vibratory motor, which generates the shocks to dislodge the dust particles from the bags. Dust Collectors are provided with woven, non-woven synthetic filter media made of polyester, polypropylene, nylon, and for special cases nomex, and Teflon, ordinary filter media like cotton, wool could be used. Dust Collectors are can be used in systems like dust extraction and pneumatic conveying systems for collecting or receiving dust from various process equipment like dryers, calciners, mixer, blender, etc.

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Cyclone Dust Collector

Altomech is one of the prominent Cyclone Dust Collector Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers from Coimbatore,India. The Cyclone Dust Collector, offered by us, is highly demanded in the market, as no alternative is available when it comes to quality and performance. Additionally, customers are eased with the availability of

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Grinding Dust Collector

Grinding Dust Collector employs abrasive grains in various forms for the removal of waste material and to ensure smooth surface finish. Abrasive grains held together with a hard, durable bonding material make grinding wheels, abrasive stones, and sticks. Abrasives can also be applied on fibrous sheets, paper, or cloth with the

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Portable Dust Collector

Our Portable Dust Collector is an ideal solution for fumes, dry dusts, grinding dusts and other airborne particles. Portable Type Dust Collector has micro filtration system and high filtration filter media for the effective collection of fumes and smokes. With sturdily constructed wheels, Portable Dust Collector is easy to

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Wood Dust Collector

Our company is well reputed as one of the prominent Wood Dust Collector Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters from India. The Wood Dust Collector, offered by us, is mainly designed for the wood industries. With powerful suction ability, Wood Dust Collector efficiently captures wood dust, no matter what the shape and size

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